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October Lyrics

Lyric discussion by jeff159457 

a video interview (see below) from a concert in Hattem, Netherlands, in 1982, U2 were asked what the meaning of October was. "October is an image," said Bono. He continued:

"We've been through the '60s, we've been through a time where things were in full bloom. We had fridges and cars, and we sent people to the moon. Everybody thought how great mankind was. And now, as you go through the '70s and the '80s, it's a colder time of year; it's after the harvest, the trees are stripped bare and you can see things. We've finally realized, maybe we weren't so smart after all, now that there's millions of unemployed people, now that we've used the technology that we've been blessed with to build bombs for war machines. October is an ominous word."

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