Lyric discussion by IDanielsen 

I got turned onto this song as a 12-or-so-year-old kid, and was always moved by it. As an adult, I discovered that the first verse actually refers to sexual abuse by the "Fanny the Nanny."

The song was actually written by Brian May, not Freddie Mercury, which begs the question about whether he is self-disclosing actual events from his history. I agree with the post below that since he had a warped experience as a child, he is left with compulsive sexual weirdness as an adult.

The rocked-out mood of the song seems to be one of striving for empowerment, yet he acknowledges that he still is involved in the the residuals of his history.

I always thought the final lyric was "heap big woman you DONE made a big mad outta me." But the lyrics posted above says "you GONNA make a big man outta me."

Quite a big difference from an interpretation standpoint.

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