Lyric discussion by Soundsofmusic 

It's a little know fact that Liam's Gallagher's first true love died of an electric shock. Here's a rundown of what the other lyrics mean:

"She's got one in the oven". What Liam is saying here is that prior to the electrocution his first love was cooking him a nice lasagne.

"But I quite fancy her mother". Despite the horrible death of his loved one, Liam is still lovelorn to the point where he fancies his since departed first love's mother. You'll be surprised to know the mother in question is actually Patsy Kensit who Liam eventually married. Patsy Kensit won seven Oscars and is regarded as one of the greatest acts in the history of the universe.

"And on the palm of her hand is a blister". In Manchester a "blister" is another name for a will. So the family wrote her estate on her hand. It's a lovely lyric when you think about it. In real life Liam inherited a toaster. Every since the sound of bread popping up from a toaster sends a shiver down his spine.

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