Lyric discussion by Rachel1290 

In my opinion this song is definitely about loss in the sense of death. Personally, I know when I lost someone I kept saying to myself that 1,5,8 hours ago they were alive and everything was different. He goes on to mention the denial part of grief where it simply just does not feel real. You go home and all of their things are still in the same place and it does not look different it looks like it did yesterday.

The lyrics continue on to talk about the body, I believe. If you believe in a soul and in heaven or whatever then when you look at the body it truly is just something that "tied" the soul into it. Though the body remains, "no one is home" because the soul no longer resides within it.

The lyrics then talk about the difficulty of moving on when there's still so much love. The next part of the song is still confusing to me as to exactly what the artist meant. Personally, I'm thinking that it's about the funeral in which the body is buried. When the coffin is dropped into the ground perhaps that is the "empty cage" again because the body is empty itself. Funerals are definitely difficult, so exclaiming that he can't handle it sounds like that's what he's writing about.

Then he goes on to sound more painful, and he sings that we have to let it out and move on, which is what he is trying to do by raising the volume of his voice.

Eventually, life does indeed carry on, but we never truly recover completely. We have days where we are upbeat but then we go right back to the pain we've always felt but hid so well. We put on a face during the day and at night when we are alone we take that face off and again continue to grieve.

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