Lyric discussion by vicissboyle 

The lyrics are a propos to the aspiring and emulating teenager/adult who wants to be different than the "mob below", and aspires to some type of greatness that one day when he is released from this "man in the moon" scheme, he will see he was a fool and all was in vain.

We see he is an insecure person, that fears the malice and shame from others, and only wants to be above others, so he/she does not feel the shame from others. The true motive of ambition is fear of others.

Yet even in mature reflection, his/her heart desires another type of fame, to be found in the after life. Perhaps there is an after-life, or perhaps he remains as vain.

The Stoic-Christian, theme of the transitory nature of life, the solitary life of the soul, and the pursuit of vain-glory, fame, and honor are in all in vain too is an important theme.

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