Lyric discussion by waterfrom 

One of my all time fave songs, so I'll give this a crack....

This song opens with a description of a power outage in one side of a town. I took "Now we'll all be brothers of the fossil fire of the sun" to mean people are all going out and breaking out their gas-powered generators. He then describes the mill workers etc who still have to work while the rest of the world in that part of town stops. Many people ("All the great set up hearts") sit in silence and just think/reflect (something many people don't do when the electrical distractions of modern life are around).

The song then moves to Molina's own reflection on a specific part of his past. He seems to be talking to a former lover, telling her if she wants to try again, he will rise from the ashes (past) like a phoenix, resurrect his old self and destroy the old him; he will kill the part of him that let her/them down.

He isn't optimistic this will fix everything. He knows no matter how hard he tries or what he does, it will not work and he will eventually have to give up again but "not forever", he'll keep trying no matter how hard it is ("There ain't no end to the desert I'll cross"). To me, he is saying none of it will matter and eventually even stars will fall and the world will end. The only thing left is that he's tried and you can hear the echo of that effort. Listen.

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