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Ha 'Here it goes' is correct ..... Man, this really is a heartbreaking song in my opinion. And alrighty.....

So, I think this is about a relationship that never should have began in the first place. As I see it, this girl is in love with someone who is in someway already taken and unavailable, whether it be through marriage or just a relationship of some sort.

Either way, they started some type of relationship and I really don't think she planned on falling for him, but ultimately she did. And I think she loves him now., or at least she thinks she does.

---- "All along it was a fever... A cold sweat, hot headed believer"

It was the cliche falling in love scenario where nothing else makes sense, a pure rush and everything becomes disillusioned, like a "fever". you choose to ignore the things you don't want to see or believe ... like a "hot headed believer."

-- "I threw my hands in the air I said show me something"

And again, in my interpretation of this, she seemed to accept the situation ... for AWHILE.... and now she's at the point where she really can't take it anymore. there's been a lot of empty words and promises. so she's begging anything to hold on to at this point... a reason to believe it will it get better, things will change.

--- "He said, if you dare come a little closer"

Ha, as awful as it is.... he (the dude in this situation) is on a completely different level and mindset then she is. So, here she's begging him for the littlest sign of compassion and hope, and he completely does not hear her or what she is saying just register type of person. Or, and most likely, he simply doesn't give a shit. It's all about HIM.

Whether it's oblivion, narcissism, or just plain dickheadness, he just wants her, and i think for the obvious reasons that predate mankind. It's almost like cat and mouse. And the mouse doesn't know any better. And even if Miss Mouse does know better, again, she's choosing to ignore it.

-- "Round and around and around and around we go"

The above line is pretty clear for anyone who has ever been in any relationship that isn't working. And for this particular song (and my interpretation of it), she's a smart girl/woman/chick/whatever. she's in a cognitive, psychological and moral battle all the damn time. And it's a true roller coaster of emotion. And also questioning yourself as to what your capable of handling and taking. Hence, "round and around". From when the girl says it, I think she's simply referring to her emotions and mindset (not so for the guy... and i think when he refers to this later in the song, for him it's simply about a never ending argument... again, TWO DIFFERENT MINDSETS).

-- "Oh now tell me, now tell me, now tell me now you know"

She wants answers, whether it's good or bad. She want's resolution. She believes he holds the truth and the ultimate answer as to whether or not this might actually work out for them.

-- "Not really sure how to feel about it ... Something in the way you move .... Makes me feel like I can't live without you ... It takes me all the way"

I think she really does love/like this guy. She's enchanted. There's something different about him. Just simply being around him makes her feel different too.

"It's not much of a life you're living"

Ha, now here the guy comes him. And, unfortunately, it seems at this point in their whirlwind "romance" that he's actually the voice of reason. Whatever emotional toll this has taken on her, it simply hasn't for him, or at least not in the same way. But this particular part I think refers back to whatever human aspect his might hold... I think he realizes what he is putting her through is not right, or nice. It's limiting her in so many ways. And breaking the type of spirit and optimism that he was first attracted to. She's not living the life she should, whether it's dealing with him or other external life circumstances (ie. work, family, other extra "circular" activities, etc.).

--- "It's not just something you take, it's given"

Again, he's being reasonable. Or a jerk. He either sees whatever he can give her, as little as it might be, a "gift". And from that perspective, he's just think he's freaking awesome and any one fortunate to come around him is blessed. OR... this could mean that we choose our own fate. Everyone of us chooses at every second of every day what direction to take our life in. If we don't like a situation, we have the capability to get of it. we don't have to "take" it... we choose it ... hence, "given"

--- "Oh the reason I hold on ... Oh 'cause I need this hole gone Funny you're the broken one but I'm the only one who needed saving"

Pretty sure this is one of the most powerful parts of this song. They both are holding on, but for very different reasons. She's empty. He's lost.

-- "'Cause when you never see the light, it's hard to know which one of us is caving"

This part still makes me think what it might mean. Yes, you never see the light... you lose hope and you drive yourself into a state of mind you usually would be in, and again, nothing is clear. you can't even tell who's to blame for what and if there really are issues. Or this just something in your head?

Anyways, that's my take on it. I never really like Rihanna songs, but i do like this one. And maybe, just maybe...... it's because it resonates with me right now in my life. But that's the beauty of music, right?? We see truth and insight when we're searching for it.

This is an interesting interpretation. You are saying you think the man has no feelings for this girl except those of attraction that predate mankind (ie. sexual). This sounds like a very personal and sad reflection on this song.

Also, maybe, just maybe....."miss" mouse is not as nieve and empty as he thinks she is. Maybe, just maybe she was toying with the man because she can. Now he the narcissistic man once again thinks some girl "loves" him such is the life of a caveman.

I felt your interpretation was spot on! Thank you for that.

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