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This is my take on this stupid song :/ "Th-th-they call me the princess And not the influences" All she is to people is a pop star and a sex symbol, a "princess" she is not an influence for kids.

"My mind a little dirty I'll tag team Bert and Ernie" She has a dirty mind, she will f*** anyone.

"Stop running my mouth, but I'm not a quitter More home base than a clean up hitter" She has stopped making songs recentley, but she hasn't given up. She has had more sales then other artists (I think)

"Don't get paid to be a babysitter But I'll teach this song to your baby sister" I don't get paid to watch kids, I get paid to make music, but your teens will know this song. (Again, I think)

"I live my life like I've been raised by wolves Ya'll already know I'm a fucking animal" Shes nothing but a party animal, this line is self explanatory.

"I'm going out tonight to get the things that I need I'm gonna take what's mine and do it viciously" She is going to get what she needs done above and beyond, another self explanatory.

"We blow up the spot 'Cause we rolling like superstars" We blow up in fame, we're famous

"Straight like a pimp With these honeys on my arm" She will f*** anyone

This is all im going for.

My Interpretation
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