Lyric discussion by psyland 

This is an awesome and euphoric song, which (to me) talks about the nightmare that causes heroin usage. he also reinforces it saying he is not talking aboute coke: "...And they aren't of snow white". Heroin at first its very pleasent :"Tuck you in, warm within". But after, heroin alters his perception of reality: "Its just the beasts under your bed,in your closet, In your Head!":

" Exit: light, Enter: night, Take my hand, We're off to never never land" = heroin is presenting itself and carriying him away.. Grain of sand = heroin.

@psyland Talk about grasping at straws, some people need to realise not all songs are about drugs. This song has never given me any indication it is about drugs, each to their I suppose. But Hetfield has explained it isn't about drugs, but fears.

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