Lyric discussion by Meryam 

By interpreting, everyone tells the story of his/her life ;-)

To me, Alexandra is a lady who doesn't find the love she wants/needs with her partner, so she chooses true Love.

Her name alone: Alexandra, a name for queens! it's not (f.e.) Penny leaving...and: A leaves with her (not: 'a') lord, so she must be a lady. And she is sophisticated: evenings with her are an honor, there is company, wine and exquisite music. It's not about the nights, it's all about the magic evenings. She brings beautiful things in his life and she is sweet: she wakes him with a kiss. What more could a man want?

And now: what is his input? She sleeps upon his satin so that means luxury. I think that's not what she wants. He is a broken man, his honor is gone or damaged (how? when? why?) : not a solid base for a relationship. He wrecks every plan, not by accident but in full command: he is destructive and he doesn't keep of remember his first commitment, only when it is too late. He clearly is no lord, the code is broken and the crucifix uncrossed. I think it is his doing the relationship doesn't work out. It is not: A left (her doing) no it's A lost (by him and his doing). He didn't return the gifts she brought him.

No wonder she concludes: I have tried everything, now move on, and leave with Love itself. She doesn't believe anymore in this man, but still believes in love. Impossible to force someone to love or keep loving you, not even by putting sentries near the heart! Love will slip through.

The man realizes what is happening and although he saw it coming he is in denial: this can't be real, this is too awful to be real, when I wake up I'll find it was a nightmare... only now he remember his first commitments but alas: too little, too late.

But even in leaving A is gracious. She does it in the open, she gives him the opportunity one last time to hear the music of her laughter and to say goodbye with some dignity.

I feel sorry for the man, but I understand A: a girl's gotta do what a girl 's gotta do

@Meryam Leonard Cohen does not capitalize without intention. The word "Lord" is capitalized in the line Alexandra leaving with her Lord. What do you make of that?

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