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Kiss Them For Me Lyrics

Lyric discussion by northnomad 

I've had problems with this verse: "On the road to New Orleans A spray of stars hit the screen As the 10th impact shimmered The forbidden candles beamed" Obviously it is about the car crash "on the road to New Orleans" but I'm unsure about the other lines. "A spray of stars" could refer to broken glass but I've come up with another intepretation. At the time of the colision they were speeding late at night in foggy conditions. The truck they ran into had slowed because of a monquito spraying truck was in front. So the "spray of stars" could have been spray from the mosquito truck hitting the windshield. "As the 10th impact shimered" reffers to 10th droplet impacting the windshield, "The forbidden candles beemed", reffers to them seeing the brakelights of the truck in front of them (probably the last thing they saw).

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