Lyric discussion by Edgolfterp 

I have listened to a mountain of music over my years and this song still gives me goosebumps lyrically and musically. An absolute classic.

one of the best tunes every

@Edgolfterp Me, too. I love, love the beautiful melody of this song. Hearing the first few bars puts a smile on my face. It might be because the video of bright and sunny desert scenes in the music video. The dancers during the musical break.
The lyrics seem rather cynical when analyzed. So my imagination goes back to the sunny desert scenes in the video, as I sing along to the not so upbeat lyrics. This song is one of my very favorites of all time.

@Edgolfterp yes and 1979 by Smashing Pumpkins, Missing You by Pink Floyd...all classic, in my opinion...there are others but these always set me back for a moment. How did they last and remain so relevant?

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