Lyric discussion by cmi0616 

Despite the obvious Buddy Holly plane crash references, I always liked to think this song is about the 1960's in general.

It makes references to Rock N Roll, Jesus freaks, Marxism, "A generation lost in space", Helter Skelter (which could be either a Beatles reference or a Charles Manson reference depending on how you look at it), and many more.

I think, ultimately, he probably wrote it with Buddy Holly in mind, but I would have to think it was more than that, an attempt to capture a cultural Golden Age in an 8-minute song.

Either way, this one is an absolute beauty :)

Helter Skelter in a summer swelter = The Manson murders + Son of Sam.. (which happened in the middle of the summer (although the Son of Sam murders happened later after the song was written it's sorta a strange .. I know.

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