Lyric discussion by DarkStars 

This song brings back a very sad time in my life.

3 days before I was supposed to get married, it all blew up.

All my fault, I screwed up bad.

This song was just coming out at the time, and I saw the video.. it forever became the anthem of this screwed up time in my life in upstate new york. I remember being in a hotel room, waiting for my new apartment to be ready, and this video came on. It was the first time I really listened to the words.

I lost the person I love and my best friend as well, because I did something so amazingly wrong. I knew I screwed up, I knew I would never see her again, and I knew that some how I had to learn from this huge mistake, move on, and be a better person after learning this lesson. I had to find my "Ordinary World" so to speak.

Well, I moved on, found my place in the world, got married, and lived happily ever after, she did as well. Ours truly was just a little sorrow, but man did it hurt.

I guess we all live and learn, it was really hard to hear these lyrics at that time.

@DarkStars Your story has somehow given me a bit of hope for the future. Just like you, I screwed up badly considering the type of person I was involved with, and hurted him, to never see him again. This very song is the one that is helping me getting throught this whole thing. I hope one day I can have the same luck you had, move on and live happily ever after, because he is already on his way to be happy with someone else..

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