Lyric discussion by Sunny137 

This song is about a man who is so confident in himself, that he is completely blind to his partner's needs and wants. He believes he is perfect for this person, but he is not. There is no perfect, if only he knew perfection does not exist. This is what really turns his partner away from him.

That's your view, but in this video it's about a guy who knows this girl is right for him and that he is right for her. She keeps chasing after the wrong guys and doesn't understand why she goes after the wrong people.

Obviously this is from the female perspective. The "confidence" that you see from the lyrics is the "frustration" of the nice guy, which you can never understand. It's the frustration that every man experiences. Do what your told and be punished, or hurt others and get rewarded more than you deserve. Either this is too obvious for you or not obvious enough, or maybe you and I are complete and total opposites.

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