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Well, i don't expect anyone to be as big of a fan as me, but he says clearly in an interview that he wrote this song right after the loss of his grandmother, who he was incredibly close to. I know the song is about the loss of her, and the rest could technically be interpreted how you want, and again there's usually no wrong or right interpretation to a song. That's why it's called interpretation. Yet, "staring at the sea, will she call. Is there hope for me, after all is said and done. etc." is him saying possibly that he might not feel as though he had a meaningful enough life so far in his days. "all the world has closed her eyes, tired faith all worn and thin." Being so close with his grandmother, he propably (and again, this is my interpretation) felt that the rest of the world didn't feel the loss like he did, and went on with their lives. "For all we could have done, and all that could have been." He most likely felt because of being so busy on the road, etc. like he could have spent so much more time with her, and if things were different, all that could have been between his grandmother and him." Now, "ocean pulls me close and whispers in my ear, the destiny of choice, all becoming clear" is him realizing that no matter how bad he felt, he (and only he) was responsible for his own choices, which can never be taken back. "the currents have their say, the time is drawing near" is that life takes it's course, and his time will come as well. "washes me away, makes me disappear." he feels his empty soul almost leaving his body temporarily. Next, which I feel is the climax in the song, and literally brought me to tears after i lost my grandmother, who i loved so much is the line, "as i descend from grace, in arms of undertow. I will take my place in the great below." He was afraid that if he continued the path he was taking, which again in interview he talks about not being fulfilled and happy at the time (which is a huge reason why he was using drugs so much) which would be descending or becoming farther away from grace and the undertow being life carrying him on his path which maybe he felt was inevitable, due to the popularity of NIN at the time. And then the obvious ending line which he repeats, " i can still feel you , even so far away" being him still feeling her soul, even though she was in another place and gone.

Thank you for your amazing and intuitive break down. The First time I heard this i was actually abusing solvents on the rocks at Shag Point <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Shag Point New Zealand photo Shag-Point-2753_zps0a0675ae.jpg"/></a> with a friend who introduced me to NIN with StarFuckers after meeting n (stating i liked marilyn manson) on my walkman.( the mobile sounds back then were a backpack from "The Warehouse, New Zealand's version of walmart or simular to KMart) with built in 3.5" speakers in the side pockets and after relising the genious trent is started to appreciate his...

maybe when he says all the world has closed her eyes he means his grandmother because she meant the world to him

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