Lyric discussion by ZombieQueen 

I know and understand that this is about the music aindustry but to me it is about something smaller... High school

I myself being a high school student interpret it this way:

The first part is about the popular kids, telling you hwo you should act, what you should do, what styles are in these days, anything like that...

The Chorus is about how everyones willing to be popular, have friends, be liked, get a boyfriend/girlfriend, the "Honey" Refering to all the good stuff

The second part is about the people who only pretend to be your friend whether to make fun of you or to make you look like an idiot (Trust me hald my "Friends" are like that. "The angels with their wings glued on" referring to the people who act sweet and nice to you, like "Angels" but it was all fake "The wings glued on"

"Let me out!" Obviously what half the people that are in highschool think, they want out for good

The second part is about the people you can actually get along with "Tell me all of your secrets" and "Shouldve listened to what im told" Would be all the trouble you face on your way.

AGAIN< thats just MY THEORY, the music industry idea makes sense to me, but thats a way I relate to it

I think you really hit the essence of what this song is about. Only, replace popular high school kids with Billy's vision of the indie music scene in 1994: hipsters that will pretend to be your friend as long as it benefits them. On the other side, Billy was still true to his metal roots, despite the fact that metal was extremely unpopular at the time. He stayed true to who he was, and didn't let what was popular at the time change him. He always was a leader, and never a follower, regardless of how uncool/unpopular his image was...

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