Lyric discussion by hyperinactivity 

I agree, Dana doesn't die - at least not literally.

The word 'quiere,' in Spanish, can mean two words in English: 'like' and 'want.' This translation from "It is liked, it is killed," into "it is wanted, it is killed," makes a difference. The general translation is as follows: Braulio is a big eyed, dark haired man that wears only gray and doesn't sleep naked. (Big eyes => innocence / gray => neutrality, which will come into play later, 'cause Braulio isn't mentioned during the abortion). Dana is a good girl (according to her parents) who never gets home past 10PM. They both love each other like any couple but fell for carnal wants/needs. Dana becomes pregnant shortly after and fears the consequences. (Your neighbor is happily relaxing in every day life while Dana is 2 meters -6feet- under). Which doesn't translate as her actually dying, instead think of it in this situation:

Doing something SO BAD that you think your parents might kill you. (Which makes sense because her parents think she's the most innocent person ever). So before her parents find out about the pregnancy, she decides to have an abortion because what you don't want, you kill. So to her, the choice is kill the life she's supposed to bring into life (in the "rotten city") or be killed, figuratively, by her parents.

In the end, Dana's innocence is what dies, not her.

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