Lyric discussion by Cindyloulou 

It's just about being in love with someone who doesn't love you back, might even be using you. The music video takes it even further than that, sending the message that physical intimacy does not mean love. Even if people have sex, it doesn't always mean they are in love. The person in this song believes he is in love, and wants to prove that they can love each other, MAKE her love him. He doesn't realize that her motives are different and she doesn't want to love him at all. I can relate to this, seeing things from his perspective, waiting and waiting, then finally realizing that if someone doesn't love me back by now, I'm wasting my time.

Oh, and with the lyrics for every verse, it's kind of like he's repeating himself over and over again because he's in denial every time. He wants to believe she'll miss him, though she probably won't, so he keeps trying. Even up until the end of the song, he says he's done waiting, then turns back around and says he's still going to give her all of his love.

Yeah like he's trying to convince himself. I love the certain tone he has. :)

Listen Mr. Lama. Stop needing reassurance. I am quite sure you are loved. I have a personal line with the person. S/he says your numerous positive qualities are incredibly desireable. And after so much time s/he knows of which she speaks :D

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