Lyric discussion by starshinesMonet 

@Pilla ~ I tried to post a reply directly, but it was a no-go. Anyway, I also thought it could be a song to herself. I read in another forum that Under the Pink is thought of as a 'girls' album in that it deals with the different ways women hurt one another through betrayl and jealousy. I had this idea at one time that the 'two friends' were actually two [or more] opposing sides of herself and the bells signified having to face losing one part of herself for another part. And that the different selves mean so many little intimacies to each other "Bells and footfalls and soldiers and dolls/brothers and lovers she and I were" but that time is changing them. In this way, there is an inner war between these selves. Like one part doesn't think she has a voice, so she wants to use a braver, cover voice, but that the part that is telling the story is saying 'you don't need my voice, girl/ you have your own/but you never thought it was enough of.' And there also seems to be this fear that with the introduction of men some part of her will dissolve, like 'sand under his shoes.' And she 'can't stop what's coming' so she just has to face it and be resigned to it.

I'm with you and Pilla one this one. I don't think the song is about two friends, but it's about her relationship with her inner self. This has always been one of my favorite songs by Tori Amos. I use to listen to it a lot when I was going though a very difficult time in my life, a time that required growing into a much stronger woman. I always felt that the song was about the ever growing and changing sense of self. The struggle between love and dislike, strength and weakness within the self.

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