Lyric discussion by vexxedx10 

I think the song is about the internal struggles of an agnostic, do I believe in god or not, he's waffling. The lyrics alternate back in forth between agreement (belief) and disgreement (disbelief). Broken down some:

 a universe to fill
 cant scratch the surface 
 now a slow pay 
 still whys everyone watching
 its like im real tired of the clones
 im real tired of the clones

Clones = sheep or believers in a religion

 whatever you you say
 whatever you say
 whatever you say

Whatever is said in religion your're just supposed to swallow and not question

 bring me a light 
 make my life worth something more
 show me a light
 bring a light

But he wants to believe in something because his life doesn't have any meaning, show him something so he can believe

 wheres the spave if fill
 where the sympathy i killed
 i need to find a meaning
 im useless, im useless
 trapped inside my own web

He doesn't know what to believe he feels no meaning in life, useless but he is trapped by his own logic and can't believe. Show him the light something he can believe so he doesn't have to question his beliefs, he wants to believe but not be a sheep.

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