Lyric discussion by dmad79 

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As with many songs, I think anyone's interpretation is a reflection of their own recent experiences. For me it could be about seeing past religion, but instead I think it's just about someone realising everything they've invested their heart and soul in is 'unreal'. Roll away your stone definitely reminded me of Jesus and the resurrection.

For me, it is money, and how many of us invest all our time in making money to buy superficial things we think we need and so other people can see us and respect us because of what we own. A car, a 3D TV, a dining room table or a haircut.

He has realised he has filled is soul with things that mean nothing and it's stolen his true character - is a darkness which dominates all that he sees.

Upon realising this is all 'unreal' he has chosen a different path, and to not be scared of all his burned bridges because what you get when you make that change to concentrate on everything that really does matter is what it's all about. He has stuck his stake into the ground and marked out what is his again - not investing his soul in what belongs to the bank.

The end - you've gone too far this time is saying they've pushed him over the edge and won't go along with it anymore. 'They' can't have his soul anymore.

For me, the only things that matter are to be free, your loved ones, your children and making the most of the time you have left.

My Interpretation
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