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yeah i've had my share of old flames and there's one in particular, it's been over five years now since our breakup, and it's like... i know this is how i'd feel if i saw her again. but we had our problems also and you can't base a relationship off of just feelings. although if i ever meet another girl who can make me feel the way she did? i'll do my damndest to try and make something work - heh - guess that qualifies me as a bit of a romantic

I totally know how you feel..... I wish he told me he felt like this...... I miss him and still have a hard time not hoping to find someone just like him. It sucks.... because it gets in the way of new beginnings. But I can't help it... he seriously took my heart away. And I want it back so I can love again.

Oh yes, I too know that feeling well.
I just wish that kind of feeling could remain...

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