Lyric discussion by ifur2bloom 

I like the idea of two scientists testing chemicals out on each other, but i would like to elaborate. There two scientists who are desperate for a break through with their research, "smiling now as only she can be. she said "i made some new connections to astound them all". Shes smiling because shes finally discovered that scientific breakthrough (whatever it may be). Turns out she went mad from working too hard to achieve the discovery and the actual breakthrough isn't a breakthrough at all but rather a self inflicted science experiment involving ester and other dangerous chemicals. Her lab partner starts to go blind from being exposed to too many chemicals hence the lines "invertebrates that only she can see", "i want to see it all again" and "keep this benzene ring around your finger". Benzene is used as a distilling agent in many chemicals to prevent people from actually going blind. Through all this madness that is taking place and reoccurring chemical explosions leaving dust clouds behind, he continues to love his insane partner and he tells her that he will take care of her. Unfortunately, "its too much" and hes "too late" to save them from the destructive environment that she created.

That to me sounds about right. Matt at a live show said it was about two scientists and how they have a lab each. So match the lyrics to that idea and you get what you elaborated on.

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