Lyric discussion by alwaysinging4u 

Here's what I think. This girl knew she had feeling about this, I have to think its another girl...because of term "sisters" she knew she was close to her but did not know how close until the jealous thing comes up,hollow to me is trying to come to terms of the feeling that she has about this other women ..because it has her all mix up/ Like catch me drinking from your wine. It seem that may the other girl figure it out…that she has feeling for her and she is trying to make her jealous with other women.

and i knew i was close to you and i knew catch me flying in the sun catch me drinking of your wine

i'm gonna put something in you make the devil feel surprised all your sisters wanna fly around my golden sky around my golden sky

This part is about jealousy….(all you sister flying around my golden sky) But she is going to put something in you that make the feel surprised… To me is talking about getting even….some home make the other one Really want her back….thats all I have on this one…they could have Been stoned,who knows…but most singer song writer are deep

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