Lyric discussion by forever smacked 

Only thing to note is destructiveness is in human nature... Ever since the beginning we have been fighting and killing each other. Then take note that we destroy the earth to build these cities you speak of, these cities are nothing more then concrete and glass that will wear down and disappear soon enough. But as to war, well its not going away, when one ends another starts lol

Is human's nature inherently good?

For the majority, no. Then again, it depends on the side your standing. Those that are said to be creators/builders/visionaries are only destroying such things as the environment (massive cities of steel, concrete, glass, mass pollution and dumping grounds for waste), Our willingness to work (technology is making us lazy), which our "need" for resources causes first world countries to take from third world = War/hatred/destruction.

Simply, the human species cannot live without consuming/destroying whether it be ourselves or something else.

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