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Take The Long Way Home Lyrics

Lyric discussion by caucasian 

Deceptively simple song that holds a great deal of insight to life. I interpret it because it is written in an inspired way about certain interesting aspects of life... from a perspective of someone who has been sort of 'self-actualized' or living out dreams of theirs, to an extent, but it is starting to become apparent that that isn't really reality... that there is some divergence or illusion (my words) to it all... and not meant in any bad way, but it's just something, as it says in the song, that you have to use the same or even deeper parts of that desire and that identity you have within yourself, that ambition, that attraction to life, in order to help yourself reckon with the feeling that you seem to be on the downslope of things and the sooner you accept your lack of ability to do anything about it, the sooner you can introspectively, or perhaps literally, take a long way to where you will find peace next........ oh, and the music itself is absolutely brilliant in the melancholy mixed with an almost triumphant kind of inner peace feeling to complement the music... that harmonica that lingers at the end... there sound is unique but it works perfectly and for that they should be admired for a long time.......

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