Lyric discussion by Hunterz 

Ok, seeing as how artists are mostly playing a role, this appears to be a commentary on society. A couple more songs on this album seem to reflect this opinionated point of view. But, back to the point--which is that they are simply exemplifying many people who exude that side of humanity that few are willing to embrace or let out. This is, of course a fine line. Dance along the edge for too long, and you get that "look in your eye." Come on, think about it.... you've been ragin' for a while and you just develop that "look" that says "don't F--- with me." period. How the other half lives refers to the rest of your life and what you chose to do with it. Are you going to dwell? or move on the purpose you know you were put on this earth for?

Purpose????? Linked in "entertainment" for the largest statue, soccer mom, baby showers?

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