Lyric discussion by Half Jack 

Death of God? In this case... I don't think so. This is so much taken out of context. if you are talking about "the deed" and if the text is German, and, most important, if it is by Friedrich Nietzsche, it is most likely about this thing called Holocaust that happened some decades ago. "Sie". They. Or rather us, the Germans. "Die Tat", "this deed", the holocaust. This deed should be distant from us, the nation that is known as "the land of poets and thinkers". And yet, it happened.

No, I think lampada is correct. And you, to some extent; it is in fact Nietzsche (actually directly quoted), but he's talking indeed about the death of god. "This deed" that he speaks of IS the death of God. It's so far away, because "the time is not yet right" for man to have killed god... yet they have done it. If I understand Nietzsche right, it's not yet right because we're not all übermenschen yet, but we've killed god with our science and philosophy, especially nihilism. In any case, they're quoting Nietzsche, specifically from a part of the text...

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