Lyric discussion by kidds34b 

Well wow i dont know what to say to that parkerg that is a very amazing theory and I do believe you.I am not very intelligent but i do know about the new form of slavery.On the other hand i have never heard your ideas of illuminati.In my opinion the internet or technology is the all seeing eye.I can tell you i have been mentiond in songs by Sliptknot....i was named child of burning time most people dont believe me but i am positive its me.If you listen to alot of music more commonly mentioned in newer music they describe the rain and the sun. Do you have a clue to what they stand for? I do believe its a way of exspressing war.Also i think the new form of slavery is directed towards women and children an they are sold over the internet.You can look into that on the net im not exactly sure where but ive read stuff on it before.Thats all i have to say for now.

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