Lyric discussion by KnowledgeIsPower1 

Ha, so much ignorance in these comments. Understand this; if all you receive from interpreting this is that Jay-Z may be some kind of racist for the use of the words "black" is shockingly incredible. You must dig deeper into lyrics of not only this song but every song. Obvious messages are put in the lyrics for the ignorant minded to interpret, but for those who truly understand and can look deeper into lyrics, will find truly meaningful subliminal messages. I'm not going to go into great deals but look at the clues. Think about how this song could apply to the obstruction of the current world order, or the governemt. He says real people will understand, he implys he must explain things later. He says I'm in Maisons. The English prenounce this "store" that's being referred to as "Mayzauns." " It's the return of the god, peace God." Look it up. Free your mind. Understand what's really going on.

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