Lyric discussion by kjb1689 

I think this song is about the struggle of deciding if she should marry a man she loves to make him happy, or stay true to her own beliefs which go against marriage.

"It's only doubts that we're counting on fingers broken long ago." This seems to be saying that she doubts marriage based on past broken hearts.

"if you banish me from your profits and if i get banished from the kingdom up above i'll sacrifice money and heaven all for love let me be loved let me be loved" If she doesn't get married she won't have financial security from him and won't get into heaven, but she doesn't find those things important.

"if my brain quits well i guess then that's just it and if my hands stop working you can call me lazy and if i get pregnant i guess i'll just have the baby" This sounds like reasons why she is afraid of getting married: she doesn't want to become a complacent housewife who doesn't work or think for herself and just has babies.

"i've been trying to nod my head but it's like i've got a broken neck" She wants to say yes but she can't.

"wanting to say i will as my last testament for me to be saved and you to be brave we don't have to walk down that aisle" Referring to religious reasons for getting married and that they don't worry her.

"cause if marriage ain't enough well at least we'll be loved" Sounds like she is trying to convince herself to marry him: if marriage isn't enough to fulfill her, at least she'll be loved.

"and maybe ours is the cause of all mankind. get loved, make more, try to stay alive" more trying to convince herself to marry him.

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