Lyric discussion by silvergirrl 

I do believe the song is about molestation and the loss of her childhood for which she was told to find solace in religion, but found greater solace in self-love.

An icicle, similar to one's childhood, can melt away and never return. Personally, the piano intro creates an image in my mind of a child playing innocently, and then curiously, and then there's intense trouble, and then melody begins leading into the first verse as her last hope, or her "hiding place."

She talks of having a hiding place as spring "marches in," as opposed to the usually gentle transition from childhood to adulthood. Also, she emphasizes "MY hand touches MY self," as opposed to someone else's hand.

The "I could have, I should have" part is a very common thought as an adult remembering a traumatic childhood experience. You always think of things you could have or should have done differently, but you cannot blame yourself for having the rationality of a child when you were one.

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