Lyric discussion by allfiredup 

This song is about losing a loved one to suicide. Regardless of where she is geographically (New York, L.A., New Orleans, St. Cloud) she is haunted by the face of the person she lost.

"You chase me like a shadow You haunt me like a ghost And I hate you so And I love you so But I miss you most..."

The first few lines of the second verse allude to a 'choice' that was made-

"In a church in downtown New Orleans I got down on my knees and prayed And I wept in the arms of Jesus For the choice you made"

The choice was taking his/her own life. :(

A bit of trivia- This song was written by Matraca Berg, who also wrote Martina McBride's first #1 single, "Wild Angels".

I agree with Karilee. It's about a past love and trying to move on. I think the lyrics.... "You chase me like a shadow, you haunt me like a ghost, and I hate you some, and I love you some.. but I miss you the most" Are so powerful. So many can relate to feeling this after a relationship is over, and we are having a hard time leaving it behind.

I agree that it is about suicide. However, you are incorrect about the songwriter. It was not written by Matraca, it was written by Gretchen Peters.

mcbridepride- good catch! I apologize for the error in my posting six years ago! =) Gretchen Peters wrote "On A Bus To St. Cloud" and she also penned what many consider to be Martina's definitive song, "Independence Day"!

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