Lyric discussion by mdprhs 

Well...I really doubt that anyone will ever read this for a while. :( Probably isn't a huge songmeanings song...BUT, I really want someone to respond to this. So, reader, whoever ye may be, please make an account or login and respond to this dude!

Anyway, I had no clue that this was so specific (The summer part) though I figured the names were all from their/his/his (Darren/Ben/BF5) town, BUT i figured Summer could be a symbol for youth. Like he's reminiscing almost. It COULD be a pun, for all those dogmatic ppl that say that one side or the other is TOTALLY wrong.

But yeah, I think the whole summer being youth/younger days is applicable. Kinda ruins my day that Summer B. is a girl. :( Rock on Ben Folds Five/Ben Folds (Yeah, I'm biased, no WAY biased towards Ben) forever.

I saw this and thought I would respond, since you've waited a good few months. And if I were you, I would appreciate a response, you know? Yes, that thought crossed my mind as well. Like "Where's Summer?", where'd it all go?

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