Lyric discussion by GoldenSpectre 

The Beginning - Woman wakes you up - eventually you begin to question your life and choices that are based on staying high (looking for the high tide). This made him hunch that the world was a big lie (it is, if you are thinking about reality and not directly perceiving it).

The Chorus - wake up to show me what I could not find (love)

Next Verse - confront big fear - confront my blind side - the man is either Wisdom or his blind side personified. The man's message seems to be that everything you fear (or are blind to) is because you aren't satisfied with a simple lime and conch shell.

The last sentence is saying, when the woman (actions based on staying up) come to sing, know they are not going to bring satisfaction.

This is just a metaphor for how we are already in Gods kingdom, and believing we are not is what awakens the sucker. So let the poor sucker sleep.

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