Lyric discussion by aidoz 

The meaning of this song is how the person's parents have affected him in such a way that he has grown social problems. "My heroes are dead, they died in my head". Most children usually see their parents as "heroes" so that's how the parents come into the song as well as: "Gimme a reason why i need you, boy" (dad) "Gimme a reason why i need you, bitch" (mum)

And the when Corey says "I see you in me" this shows how the person is blood related to the people who have made him "this way"

Extremely. Fricken. Agreed.

@aidoz good pick up. Good also offer an explanation for the "What the hell did I do to deserve all this?" ... that is they were born to their situation (had no choice), so asking what could I have possibly done to be stuck in such a situation.

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