Lyric discussion by reytim 

What i find interesting about this song is:

"Some take the road to Damascus Some take the road to Hell I'll take Highway One to the evergreens And everything will turn out well"

We clearly take away that that the road to Damascus is the road to salvation. As some might or might not know the road to Damascus is where Paul (acutally Saul who was afterward re-named Paul) was converted from being a persecutor of Christians to a disciple of Christianity and thus he was saved on the road to Damascus.

In a song called "fly to heaven" by toad the wet sprocket (also written or co written by Glen fillips), he writes from James (Jesus' brother) perspective about Paul's motives and how he (without ever meeting Jesus in person) took what Jesus said and twisted it and made Christianity what we know today (most would probably disagree with this notion since most of what Paul says is congruent with Jesus' teachings). None the less, Glen would appear to be questioning Paul's motives as he built the early church, logically Glen must not really believe salvation happened "on the road to Damascus". and then what does this short verse really mean? Of course he's probably just using the saying as everyone knows it (even though he might not believe it), but hey its still interesting to think about.

If you haven't heard "fly from heaven" i highly recommend it. Its very well written and thought provoking and even just sounds good if you don't listen to the lyrics.

Great post Reytim.

I saw Glen a couple years ago in Seattle (I live in Seattle) and he was explaining before this song that his wife is from an area just south of Seattle and that's why he alluded traveling on highway 1 (actually hwy 101) to the Evergreens. He talks about her being from Washington on Easier as well. Truly a wonderful song from Glen, he's easily my favorite artist and songwriter.

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