Lyric discussion by SubwayatNight 

The years of care and loyalty Were nothing but a sham it seems The years belie we lived the lie "I love you 'till I die"

He appears to be beginning to believe that she was lying when she said she loved him. He's not quite there yet because he says "it seems". But he is starting to believe she never truly loved him as he did her otherwise she wouldn't have left! It may or may not be true. There is some anger here which is common after a breakup. And therapeutic.

Also, at the end he sings about how he still believes the lie (that she loved him). Well don't we all want to still believe that the person we loved so much loved us back in the same way? And if he can manage to believe that then he keeps hope alive that she might return someday. The unfortunate thing for him is that this is the cause of his pain. He probably knows this but he is still going through the grieving process a bit longer. That's why he's writing a song and singing about it now! And that's why many of you are reading the interpretation of this song right now!

My heart goes out to all of my fellow recent break-up-ees. It does help to know we're not alone. And it's good to listen to in the car.

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