Lyric discussion by mtj027 

I've somewhat recently gotten into Husker Du, and while I learned to appreciate their stuff a good bit, once I heard this song I was speechless.

This is the kind of song that is so beautiful it will change somebodies life. Wow.

@mtj027 Yeah I think I get what you’re saying. Husker Du didn’t hit me as immediately as, say, The replacements. Or maybe The Ramones is a more apt comparison; the Ramones have a 60s/surf/bubblegum vibe to a lot of their songs/sound, and I feel like they share quite a bit to how the rhythm guitars are played, of course Husker covered Sheena, a fitting cover. As was Eight Miles High, but the Byrds’ comparison I’ll save for another time. The driving/ buzzing guitars notwithstanding, Husker has a more bittersweet sound than, say, the Ramones’ bubblegum, I think Mould’s songs are...

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