Lyric discussion by foreignwords 

The St. Catherine reference is a good one, and very clear, however (as I mentioned in a comment on "The Wind") I can't help but make connections between PJ's Catherine and the Catherine of Brönte's Wuthering Heights (with no explanation for the obscure "De Barra" name, but this is also not explained by St. Catherine). The longing and tumult and distress experienced by that Catherine in her relationship with Heathcliff seems to parallel nicely with the character and the story PJ has portrayed in this song as well as The Wind, but this one seems as if it could be from the male perspective (Heathcliff) and possibly an apocryphal (or alternative) ending, if you will, in relation to Wuthering Heights. There are many literary references in this album.

My immediate thought was the same. This song could pretty much have come straight from Heathcliff's mouth.

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