Lyric discussion by Aerospeed 

The liner notes from the album said Manchild never turned his lyrics in. Here's my best guess as to what he's saying:

I know the ledge I stood up one or too many Times to record The line walking through the next door Breaking your fall Shaking the walls Holding the phone Not taking the call With crap rappers in the back alley Waiting to brawl

You know I turn the other cheek But see, I've only got two So spit in my face all the time And let's just see what I do Why are you screaming so loud? Are you too scared to listen? Gather the scraps together Build a whole new composition

You're on a mission Because it's got you this far But you'll be banished to hype man Status like Spliff Star Are we doing what we want? Or we doing all we can? Are we there yet? Or are we stuck with both feet in the sand?

I plan to overstand the clandestine conquest Set my feet upon the planet rock With the treads you all express Nothing less than groundbreaking Making songs over the primitive Forwarding the future foundation for you to finish it Thank you

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