Lyric discussion by sandihume 

This song, is most probably about over-population. "Tell the people that arrive,", the new arrivals to the world, the new generation.

"We don't need to multiply", the human race cannot cope as it is with the population the highest it has been ever, Serj even says in an interview, the two graphs going in opposite directions - the oil and resources running out, and the population growing too much.

"Show your people how we died", this could be Serj pointing out the fact that even though the population is growing so much, and the world cannot cope with the current population, he's saying that 'we at the current moment cannot feed everyone on the planet, so why increase the population and have 5 kids?' that kind of thing.

"We don't need to nullfiy/No need to nullify" could be pointed at different things, for instance contraception pills or condoms, as these nullify the effects of sex, Serj must mean that people need to avoid depending on sex for enjoyment, as forms of contraception still aren't effective, and STD's are also growing fast. It could also be that we don't need to work harder to slow down the effects of global warming, as it is better to have an equal population, instead of a strongly growing one.

"Ask your people what is right", most people realise that the population of the world is growing too fast.

I agree with you with pretty much everything, except about "We don't need to nullfiy/No need to nullify". To me, this seems to be saying that we don't need to eliminate sex, because we have very effective forms of contraception. Either that or it means we don't have to kill people (e.g., capital punishment).

I doubt "nullify" is related to sex. After all, "show your people how we died" does not seem to be connected to sex at all. If "multiply" means having more people on this planet, then surely "nullify" means less. As such, I would claim that line emphasizes the brutality of death, and how much we should avoid causing more of it. This can be achieved by showing it to the people, by pointing out what death actually entails, by having them realize how terrible it is.

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