Lyric discussion by bagism 

is anyone sure that it's "soon you were born in 1984"? "soon" doesn't seem to fit in... it sounds more like he's saying "son" or "saying"...?

I agree, it sounds like 'son' to me

Also agreed, sounds like "son" to me. The word son almost completely changes the meaning of the song, too, as the whole song could be about a father/grandfather giving advice to his son about growing into the world. Even if this isn't what the song actually means, I like this interpretation.

i think it's supposed to be:

"i've got to see you one more time soon, you were born in 1984"

it's like how he says "you'll be aware of 5 about"... he places words in a somewhat unnatural way in order to keep the flow and the rhyming of the song

in a live version, he sings "i've got to see you one more time, that's when you born, in 1984"

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