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Such a perfect document of the time.

Blood and Chocolate is an album by Elvis Costello and the Attractions. The album reunited Costello, the Attractions and producer Nick Lowe, but it was the last recorded by the group before a breakup that would last for eight years. The album was, unusually for its time as a studio album, recorded in a single large room at high volume, with the band listening to each other on monitor speakers rather than headphones. Costello describes it as "a record of people beating and twanging things with a fair amount of yelling". Costello's singing and playing is credited on the album under the pseudonym "Napoleon Dynamite," while his songwriting is credited to him under his actual surname, "MacManus" (with the exception of "I Hope You're Happy Now", which is credited to "Costello"). The album uses Esperanto to list musician credits and LP sides.

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