Lyric discussion by munro86 

I think, at its heart, this song is about the philosophical argument: free will or determinism? It is a classically human trait to regret one's errors and constantly wanting and/or attempting to 'get it right'. The depressing fact is that although we 'again and again' try to self-actualise this, the 'demons' inevitably ovverride our honourable motives. The demons,whether from without or within, deny us our 'freedom' because we submit to them for whatever reason and so the process repeats itself seemingly without hope of resolution. I think the allusion to Islam appears in the second verse,but it could be seen as a general observation about claims of self-righteousness or superiority in 'any' religion. It is probably because the rise of Islam was contemporary to the writing of the song. The question remains though: Are we free or not? 'not when all this freedom you get is a lie'. This could be interpreted in two ways: Followers of Islam or any faith are not free,under a yoke of some type of domination or we,as humans, are not in possession of a free will ,but subject to subconcious to concious Freudian like drives that deny us any 'real' control. The really depressing thing about this is that we can only make any changes,which are not ultimately possible, from within. This is the reason for the lamentation 'I'm alone again', I know what the problem is-its me(my nature) and although I'll try again, I'll come back to the same place.

spot on, brother

not that i think court would have ever thought of it that way, if i had to guess

not that i know the guy, either

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