Lyric discussion by pinkfade 

This song can be misenterpreted and difficult to understand because it is more satirical and sarcastic than literal.

To explain it in English, Its directed to the kids of their and even our generation who are reveling in thier "I dont give a fuck" stage. And its hard to see but its condemning them.

Its like.... you know what.. fuck it... I give a fuck..

But you obviously dont give a fuck... so go ahead..

break all the rules... live with no fucking morals...

fuck everything over..

be the discracefull piece of shit your gonna be..

Who am I to condemn you Im rotten to the core as well..

do the stupid pointless shit your gonna do to ruin us all..cuz theirs nothing I can do to stop you...

But stay the fuck away from me..

Pinkfade does it again!!! Once knew a "kid" (ten years or + younger). Met him when I was a baker. Clearly didn't like me. Later, saw him one day and decided to sell him some pot. We started hanging out. Listened to Bad Religion together. Said he loved the song "Do What You Want." Next thing I know, someone (probably him) steals $1,200 worth of weed from me and my wife.

To be fair, it was him or our roommate. (50/50).

@pinkfade I think that is one possible interpretation.

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