Lyric discussion by satisfy-my-craving 

I applaud you itoldyaso....I feel the exact same way and I have been wondering how nobody seems to put it together. Most songs are clearly about addiction / addiction recovery. Its a struggle everyday & it pretty much consumes your entire being. I would know, I'm currently in recovery & Godsmack's lyrics speak to me on a very deep level. People couldnt possibly relate unless they have been through it.

It cracks me up how everyone thinks that every song is about a girl or some person he hates or some person he is obsessed with. I truly believe that most songs are about addiction. Addiction is powerful, cunning & baffling. It'll bring you to your knees. always....just my opinion. Peace.

@satisfy-my-craving Most of the time musicians don't explain what the song is really about.... Past that most of them will say it was whatever you got out of it, so for you the song may be about addiction. For someone else the song may be about a girl. Also who is to say you can't be addicted to a girl or the lifestyle you had with a girl....Not to say that one addiction isn't physically or emotionally harder then the other.... Anyways thats my two cents.... Peace


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