Lyric discussion by liquidanubis3 

I think that this song represents (mainly) possible mental problems that Jimi experienced due to long term and habitual use of lsd.... This song probably corroloates to some sort of problem such as SCHIZOPHRENIA, because he talks about how his only friend is himself, and how he "checks up on his friend in the mirror" but he tries to cover it up (leaving the true meaning to those who understand it) w/ other events in his life and lace it w/ enough poetic touch to keep from being so direct about his problems Maybe I'm way off, but that's what I percieve from this song's lyrics

@liquidanubis3 When you analyze most musical geniuses, you find that they are weird in a sense. If you read about his management, how he was dragged around, paying for his studio, and his love for all people, being mixed with Cherokee Indian, African, and white, you can see easily that this can be perceived as mental problems.

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