Lyric discussion by santa69 

Sorry but beg to differ praito. Its clearly about amphetamine. "the night is on and on" no sleep on amphetamin, and what do people that uses this drug end up like... skin and bone. The lyrics above is also incorrect, he sings "what can beat this love, except heroin" (not " its so parallel" as the last words). The rest of the lyrics is also full of references to this drug, few examples: "this is when we awake", "when we dont ache", "oh, give me what u take", "when do we come down, i dont care anymore". You can also find references to amphetamin in the last lyric line on "salt" wich also figures on the brilliant first album "Industrial Silence" album. Sivert sings "this is the bright amphetamin skye".

I agree with praito, he is right.

santa69: God, you made me open an account in here just to tell you... you could read the nutrition facts of a box of candies and swear that it is a reference to Obama and something with a world domination. And yes, they DO say paralel not Heroine! Listen well. Besides, if you know the works of Madrugada, it doesn't make much sense to think that this is a song about Meth.

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